National seminar on quality improvement of teacher education in the context of NEP- 2020


Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant inaugurated the National Seminar on Quality Improvement of Teacher Education in the context of NEP – 2020 today at the Seminar Hall, SCERT, Porvorim in the presence of Guest of Honours Shri S. S. Gill, Secretary Education, Prof. H. K. Senapathy, Ex-Director NCERT and Prof. R.I.E. Bhuwaneshwar and Shri Prasad Lolayekar, Director of Directorate of Higher Education, along with Shri Shailesh Zingade, Director of Education, Shri Nagaraj Honnikeri, Director SCERT and other dignitaries.
The 2 day Seminar is aimed at creating awareness regarding various challenges and various ways of implementing NEP – 2020 in Teacher Education. The seminar will serve as a common platform for teacher educators, researchers and administrators to exchange their visions and experiences and offer recommendations for quality improvement of Teachers Education under the ambit of NEP – 2020. Proceedings of the Seminar will ensure a continued professional development in the domain of Teacher Education while creating a road map leading toward successful implementation of NEP 2020 in this discipline.
While addressing the seminar, Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant welcomed the delegations representing 20 states that have participated in the National Level Seminar. He also stated that, “Government of Goa is taking manifold efforts to successfully implement NEP 2020 in the state at the Secondary as well as Higher Secondary level by the next year’.
The seminar has included 9 sessions focussing on topics ranging from Embedding traditional knowledge to Integration of experiential learning to educate and prepare all the stakeholders of Teacher Education for the transformation of the education sector post implementation of NEP – 2020.


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