MP Sadanand Tanavade participates in meeting with Czech Republic Parliament delegation


New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP Shri Sadanand Shet Tanavade, (a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce) actively participated in a significant meeting with the Czech Republic Parliament Delegation. The delegation, led by Shri Miroslav Plevny, Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, Senator Shri Lumir Aschenbrenner, Vice Chairman of the Committee on National Economy, Agriculture, and Transport, Senator Shri Peter Fiala, Shri Vojtech Munzar, and Shri J. Hajek.

The meeting was chaired by Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce played a pivotal role in facilitating discussions between the Indian and Czech delegations. The meeting provided a valuable platform for dialogue on matters pertaining to the national economy, agriculture, and transport. The meeting was held in New Delhi on 5 December 2023 and witnessed constructive deliberations and fruitful exchanges of ideas between the two delegations. The collaboration aims to strengthen bilateral ties, foster economic cooperation, and explore mutually beneficial opportunities for both nations.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce remains committed to fostering international partnerships that contribute to the economic growth and well-being of the both nations.


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