Mandatory to give undertaking for hiring rent-a-cab, rent-a-bike


Panaji: Goa Police have made it mandatory for the rent-a-cab and rent-a-car agencies to take undertaking from the customers that they will not violate the traffic rules.

Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Rahul Gupta told reporters on Wednesday that considering the number of traffic violations and accidents reported by rent-a-car and rent-a-bike, the department has introduced this new rule of getting undertaking from the customer when they take vehicle on hire.

“As per analysis of the data, Rent-a-cab and Rent-a-bike are more likely to meet with the accident than the other vehicles. The number of accidents involving rent-a-cab and rent-a-bike is double than the usual vehicles,” said Gupta.

The SP said that the users of the rent-a-cab and rent-a-bike meet with the accident because they are negligent about the traffic rules as they are on vacation.

He said that the users of rent-a-cab and rent-a-bike are also not aware about the topography of the place due to which they meet with the accident.

Gupta said that the undertaking will help to create a sense of awareness amongst the users. “The purpose is to have psychological impact on the user. They will be aware that they will have to follow the traffic,” he said.


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