Tribal Livelihood Migration Survey in Goa



Panaji: Tribal Research Institute (TRI) and Disha Foundation Collaborate to address Tribal Livelihood Migration Survey in Goa

The Tribal Research Institute (TRI), an initiative under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs dedicated to the holistic development of tribal communities, is joining hands with Disha Foundation, “Centre of Excellence in Migration, Health and Development” is appointed as Technical Support Agency by the Government of Goa, to conduct a comprehensive study on tribal livelihood migration in the state approved by the cabinet.

Despite the vital role tribal population play in the cultural and historical landscape of the state, there is a lack of substantial data on tribal migration, hindering effective policy formulation and intervention strategies.

Recognizing this urgent need, TRI and Disha Foundation has started the survey that aims to research into the complexities of tribal livelihood and migration within and beyond the state borders. Covering two districts and approximately 2 lakh individuals across 40,000 households, this initiative seeks to untangle the underlying factors driving tribal livelihood and migration, encompassing economic, social, and developmental dimensions.

As of now, survey commenced in Sanguem, Quepem and Canacona Taluka and covered 5,581 household and 22,324 individuals till date.


Data Collection and Analysis: Gathering comprehensive data on push and pull factors influencing tribal livelihood migration in Goa.

Action Plan Formulation: Proposing short and long-term strategies to mitigate distress livelihood migration among tribal communities.

Support Provision: Facilitating access to rights, entitlements, financial inclusion, and sustainable livelihood options for tribal migrants.


The data collected through this survey will serve as a foundation for governmental departments, aiding in:

Policy Formulation: Informed decision-making and strategic planning to address tribal migration issues effectively.

Resource Allocation: Ensuring optimal distribution of resources to uplift tribal communities and support their sustainable development.
Monitoring and Evaluation: Assessing the impact of existing schemes and programs while

identifying areas for improvement.

Vulnerable Group Identification: Pinpointing vulnerable tribal populations to tailor interventions for their specific needs.

– Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods: Designing initiatives to bolster tribal livelihoods and foster economic resilience.

– Addressing Social Issues: Tackling social challenges faced by tribal communities through evidence-based interventions.

This collaborative effort between TRI and Disha Foundation underscores a commitment to the holistic welfare and empowerment of tribal communities in Goa. By shedding light on the complexities of tribal livelihood migration, we aim to pave the way for inclusive policies and programs that uphold the dignity and rights of every tribal individual.


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