Life with Corona…


The life starts and ends with Corona these days. It looks like all the other ailments have taken a back seat for time being. The dangerous cancer, AIDS, Bird Flu etc have its popularity hit a nadir in comparison to Covid 19 virus whom we fondly call “Corona.”


Suddenly, with the advent of Corona all these ailments seems like less dangerous and their ratings have gone down the Chartbusters list.

None of the modern great diseases had caused “pandemic”or even forced a lock down or made people to wear mask or forced Modiji to give up his usual 8 pm routine of addressing the nation .

It will go in the history as one of the deadliest virus in the history of human mankind until China invents something new. Even Trump would agree with me on this if he happens to read my blog .

As the time goes on it looks very much that Corona is here to stay.

Till it is in our life  the health protocols are part and parcel of our life .The mask has become integral part of our life .Its suddenly created business opportunity to all.

Almost all women self helps groups have started stitching masks and every third person is selling masks and sanitizers.

The designer masks will soon hit the market , May be masks will be available which will be diamond studded or have golden lining on them and so on.Even the sarees and Dresses will have matching masks in coming days .

My mind still boggles around this mask .Just a thought had converged in my mind as regards Pooja’s which normally Hindus perform .A hindu Pooja rituals demands “achman” number of times .”Achman “ is taking water on your palm and drinking it ,as the priest recites the mantras .The mask will be a great hurdle every time you try to do this “achman “ and where does lessons about social distancing as regards Bhatji who will be doing Pooja’s at number of places .

In Goa at times Bhatji’s are brought from other states in case of big Ceremony.Now they will have to come 14 days in advance and get themselves tested , than get themselves home quarantined and so on .Similarly each religion will have rituals, whose performance will be of great difficulty with the mask.All in all it will have its impact on how we pray .Hope the almighty takes the prayers with amended version .


Masks will take life out the road side romeos .Their daily bread butter was on starring at the beautiful women on the roads .Masks will be a big hindrance in their pursuit to catch a glimpse .The phenomenon of “ love at first sight” will be forgotten in times to come .This would like the stories of the yesteryears like grandfather telling his grandchildren about his love story with grandma which love at first sight and then he would specify that those days there were no masks .


With the mask, being a social drinker would compelling times as every time you wish to take sip , one will have to lower the mask,  take a sip , raise the mask and so on.Secondly special mask for parties/gatherings would be required which would be other wise none suited at office/workplace due  to alcohol aroma .Interesting one great excuse that Corona has provided for “alcohol dependent community “ is that the person can take a stance  that he has sanitized himself if any doubts are raised in work place or home as regards he being on high on spirits .Likewise alcohol meters and “drinking & driving” offence will lose its sanctity .


Mask can be a great  cover to misrepresent as regards to identity of a person .In court specially careful scrutiny as to identity of person will be needed ,as the man behind mask may “mask” himself to be the accused or a witness & slightest cough would be a trigger for the authorities not to insist that person should not  his mask .likewise masks will be of great help to couples dating each other .It would be shield to  forge identity crisis to deceit people known-to them .The times ahead are indeed very interesting.


The sporting events will be the most hit by this Corona ,the razzmatazz and the crowd cheering which causes  the adrenaline rush will be sorely missed .The spectators have been the pillar of any sporting extravaganza.May be it IPL ,World Cup or Olympics the spectators create atmosphere that drives the spirit in the players who play the game .It would be hard for the players to motivate themselves to play to empty galleries, but sooner or later they will be used to it & as we have seen that money motivates players more than anything .


The election campaigns may see masks with party symbols.That would be the most trending thing leaving behind the party shawl and cap .The election commission would have task in hand confiscating the used masks with party symbols in violation of election code .We may see the first use of these masks in near future in the ZP elections in Goa as when they are held .


Interesting the people of Goa have been totally oblivion to the effects of the deadly virus and have simingly accepted it as part and parcel of life .Social distancing has become a myth and we are on the same plinth as we were before the lockdown minus few variations.The invited guests will be visiting the state now ,we need to be more vigilant that those home quarantined maintain social distance and same yardstick is followed to all without any special treatment to any one ,to breach Government directives .


The War against  Corona cannot be won until Vaccine or dedicated treatment is in place and it remains the only possible way to stop community spread ,as lockdown cannot be a permanent solution .Till then the chant of Corona in our life’s continues .


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