Kejriwal’s interim bail is release of democracy, honest politics: Amit Palekar


Panaji: AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar on Saturday said that after granting of interim bail to Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal entire India is celebrating the “release of democracy and honest politics.”
Addressing a press conference in Panaji, Palekar said that the AAP and countrymen are “celebrating the release of democracy, people’e power and honest politics.”

Without naming anyone, Palekar said that the dictatorship has to end some day.
“After the release of Kejriwal, people came out with happiness on the streets of Delhi. It is a very historic decision,” he said.

Palekar said that the way SC has interpreted law to grant him the interim bail shows that the apex court has “upheld democracy and law.”
He said that SC has realised that the court had to interfere to uphold the democracy.

Palekar claimed that the social media handlers of the BJP are afraid now and are busy passing unwanted comments against Kejriwal.

The AAP leader said that the BJP is afraid of the rule of the nature that what goes around, comes around. “BJP will have to face their karma soon,” he said.


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