Karnataka’s fear is our defence: Vjai Sardesai on Joshi’s statement


Panaji: Goa Forward Party chief Vijai Sardesai has said that Karnataka’s fear about Tiger reserve itself is our defence to save Mhadei river from being diverted by the neighbours.

Sardesai wrote on his ‘X’ (formerly twitter) account: KARNATAKA’S FEAR IS OUR DEFENCE. THE UNION MINISTER AGREES! Like I strongly voiced in the Assembly, the Tiger Reserve is the only defence we’ve of #Mhadei. The tigers are valiantly standing between #Karnataka’s greed and Goa’s future which our govt doesn’t seem to have the sense to understand. It’s criminal  @BJP4Goa and @GovtofGoa  have washed their hands off #Goemkars, by intending to challenge the notification of the Reserve which will help Karnataka! This ridiculous and disastrous move spells doom for all of us, and our river of life will be lost for ever. I’m requesting the Govt again to see reason for the sake of Mhadei and Goa, and support Goa’s united call for the Tiger Reserve.”


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