Jio-bp introduces E20 blended petrol


Jio-bp, a fuels and mobility joint venture between RIL and bp today announced the initial rollout of E20 petrol. In line with the roadmap set by the Government, Jio-bp has become one of the first fuel retailers in India to make E20 blended petrol available. Customers with E20 petrol compatible vehicles will be able to opt for this fuel at select Jio-bp outlets, and the offering will soon be expanded across the network.


The E20 fuel is a twenty percent blend of ethanol and eighty percent of fossil-based fuel. E20 blending in petrol is being introduced in the country by the Government of India with the aim to reduce the country’s oil import cost, energy security, lower carbon emission, better air quality, self-reliance, use of damaged food grains, increasing farmers’ incomes, employment generation, and greater investment opportunities. Further, the government has advanced the target of E20 fuel from 2030 to 2025.


India’s market for fuels and mobility is rapidly growing. It is expected to be the fastest-growing fuels market in the world over the next 20 years. Jio-bp Mobility Stations are designed to help meet this growing demand and are ideally located to suit customer convenience. They bring together a range of services for consumers on the move – including additivised fuels, EV charging, refreshments & food, and plan to offer more low carbon solutions over time.


The joint venture is well-positioned to become a leader in fuels and mobility by leveraging Reliance’s vast presence and deep experience in consumer businesses across India, and bp’s extensive global experience in high-quality differentiated fuels, lubricants, convenience and advanced low carbon mobility solutions.


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