It is not the state of war, no need to cancel Carnival: BJP


Panaji: BJP on Friday rubbished demand of Congress to cancel Carnival festivities in Goa which are scheduled to begin from tomorrow (Saturday) in the State due to tension on the border.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar had demanded that the Carnival festivities be cancelled due to tension on the border.

State Power Minister and BJP  Goa Spokesman Nilesh Cabral told a press conference that country is not in the State of War to cancel the event like Carnival.

He said that Carnival is a cultural festival which happens every year. “We are not in the State of War. If we were in state of war then it could have been considered,” Cabral said.

“But now we  (India) are in commanding position. The Armed forces are properly looking after us,” he said adding that the festivities like Kumbh Mela are still being held in the country, which should not be stopped.

“Sentiments of some opposition party should not be considered as sentiments of Goa,” he said.

There are festivities in the country. sentiments of some opposition party should not be taken as sentiments of people of Goa.

Dattaprasad: we will not allow our nnation to be brought to standstill. We have taken revenge successfully. We are confident that this will be ultimate fight.


Nilesh cabral: mining issue. People of goa has realized that they want bjp. We are sitting together to work out strategies to get both our Mps elected. Goa mining people’s front  it is up to them to try. We are sure that both our seats will be elected and also in three by election. workers will work.


Dattaprasad: if goa mining people s front get congress is congress in a postion to solve the problem. Only bjp can give soluton. We are sure that the mining will start ..


Hours after Congress demanded cancellation of Carnival celebrations in the State due to crisis on the border, State Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar on Thursday said that people can continue enjoying because our soldiers are guarding the borders.

Ajgaonkar, talking to reporters after inaugurating annual Grape Escapade, a wine festival  organised by Goa Tourism Department, said that “no terrorists will enter India and if anyone tries to do so, he will be punished.”

Reacting to the demand of Congress for cancellation of Carnival, Ajgaonkar said “Our Army is never scared… Because they are there , we can sleep in peace.”

“Enjoyment will continue in Goa the way it has been, because our country has youngsters guarding the borders,” he added.

The minister said that our Armed forces have shown that Pakistan is nothing in front of them. “No terrorist will enter India, and those who do will be punished,” Ajgaonkar added.

He said that country has faith in Armed forces, that is why we can enjoy here. “We have faith in them, that is why we can enjoy here. If the country faces any problem, every Indian will be ready to go to the border,” he added.

Earlier during the day on Thursday, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar had demanded that the State government should cancel Carnival festivities due to tension on the border.

The four day long Carnival festival will begin in Goa from March 02.


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