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Inner Wheel Club of Margao announces photography contest

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Panaji : On the occasion of World Photography Day on August 19, Inner Wheel Club of Margao, chapter 2274 has announced a photography contest ‘A Lasting Impression’.
For this photography contest there are four categories
with four different themes. They are – ‘Paws for the cause’ for students of
class 6-10 with any camera including mobile phones, ‘Monsoon
Magic’ for 16 years onwards with any camera including mobile
phones, ‘Heritage of Goa’ for professional photographers with
SLR/DSLR/Mirrorless DSLR cameras, ‘Shadows’ for women photographers with any camera including mobile.
Each person will be allowed to send three entries in each category. The proceeds from the sale of all the photographs will be used for charity.
The contest is open to all and there is no entry fee. All entries should  be
submitted via email to contact@innerwheelmargao.com along
with filled forms (attested). The last date for submission is August 15. The winners will be announced on the world photography
day, August 19 on Facebook page namely, innerwheelmargao, Instagram page iwc_margao.
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