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If BJP won’t help Goans, atleast get out of the way of those who want to: AAP

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Panaji: AAP today condemned heavily the attempts by the BJP ecosystem and government to intimidate the party’s Oximitras. Over the weekend AAP’s volunteers were intimidated in three parts of Goa simply because the BJP is angry that we are trying to save Goan lives, the party claimed.

“At a time when every establishment is checking temperatures and health of those entering how can the BJP prevent Goans who are genuinely trying to help each other. Is it because they want Goans to suffer from Corona?,” the party has said in a statement released here.

AAP claimed that over the weekend AAP Zilla Parishad candidate from Sanvortem Siddharth Patil received calls from someone claiming to be from the health department who tried to intimidate his team and bury them in bureaucracy.

“We ask only 2 questions, is it illegal for Goans to help each other? Why is this so called health officer not doing his job to prevent Corona instead of troubling Goans?,” the party said.

The AAP has also claimed that two of their volunteers in Anjuna and Mapusa each were threatened and intimidated by BJP volunteers who were trying to invite crowds. “Does the BJP want to incite violence against Goans who are trying to help each other?,” the party questioned.

AAP has said:  It seems the BJP doesn’t have the time and resources to actually work for Goans but has enough free time to intimidate those who are. The BJP’s handling of the the Corona crisis in Goa has left the state in tatters. If they can’t help they should atleast get out of the way of those trying to save lives. As Corona cases rise daily so does Govt Apathy, but AAP Goa is shocked that this apathy is now being married with malign intent that is actively jeopardizing Goans’ health.

“I want to ask the BJP, if you are incapable of saving lives why don’t you just get out of our way?” said Rahul Mhambre Convenor AAP Goa.

“Are you planning to use goons to prevent Goans from fighting Corona? Is it because common Goans have shamed your inaction?” added Mhambre.


  1. AAP means Home Delivery of Government Services, Free Best Health Care, Free Water, Free Electricity, Free Good Quality Education, Free Wi-Fi, Free Transport For Women, CCTVs Security around whole Goa, Free Treatment in nearby private hospital who meet with an accident, Award to them who takes the accident victim to the hospital (No Police Questioning who takes the Accident Victim to the Hospital), Old Age Home with all Good Facilities, Free Training Center for unemployed Youth, Electricity Company is paying fine to their Consumers for keeping them without Electricity and many more Good Facilities AAP will give to the Goans.


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