Health Minister Vishwajit Rane announces two new appointments at GMC


Panaji: Health Minister Vishwajit Rane on Wednesday announced two new appointments at Goa Medical College at senior level claiming that the team will work under Dean Dr Shivanand Bandekar.

Rane said “ I am happy to announce that we have created a team under the leadership of Dean @GoaGmc Dr. Shivanand Bandekar, to bring in more efficiency and professionalism in GMC. “

“We have appointed Dr. Rajesh Patel, a prominent and efficient doctor, as the medical superintendent of GMC. In addition, we have appointed

Dr. Uday Kakodkar as the medical superintendent and administrative head of the superspeciality block. With the combined efforts of the Dean, and the newly appointed superintendents we will be in a position to provide enhanced services to the people to establish a world-class institution.”

“A lot needs to work on, but I am confident that with the dedicated leadership of Dr. Bandekar, newly appointed superintendents, the expertise of the HODs, and the senior consultants, we will have the vision to create a unique healthcare model in Goa.”

“It is no doubt that GMC, with their excellent doctors, have been doing a commendable job in providing health care to the people. The addition of a small team under Dean Dr. Bandekar and the delegation of responsibilities to various HODs will help us establish an autonomous body showcasing a promising step towards enhancing GMC’s effectiveness.”

“By implementing systems for accountability, GMC will be more poised to meet the expectations of the people of Goa and become a premier institution every Goan can look up to.”


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