It’s raining inside Margao Municipal Building, risking records



Margao: Important documents and public records are at a severe risk of being destroyed, thanks to the lethargic attitude of the Council.

Severe leakage and seepage of rain water is seen drenching the records in the taxation section and administrative section, that stores the birth and death records of the people born in Margao.

The staff of the sections are having a tough time collecting the water with buckets, in a bid to save the documents and records.

Shadow Council for Margao Convener Mr. Savio Coutinho condemned the Council for the lack of initiatives to stop the seepage of water into the building. “We can see the staff collecting the water during duty hours, however after duty hours and during the night time, the water ends up soaking the files and records lying on the floor all over”, Mr. Coutinho said.

It is such a shame that the Council, with an army of technically qualified officials, who scrutinize building plans to the public, are found wanting to take measures to curb the seepage of water into their own premises, Mr. Coutinho rues.

Mr. Coutinho made a strong demand that the records should be safeguarded from getting destroyed due to water seepage. “The wet and damp files and documents; more specially the live birth reports, will cause severe hardships to the public in the future, if the records get destroyed”, he said further.

Mr. Coutinho called upon the new Chief Officer of MMC Mr. Gaurish Sankwalkar to check out the veranda area around the entire first floor, so as to gauge the situation first hand. The entire periphery of the first floor is full of files, papers and waste aswell, strewn all over the place, Mr. Coutinho revealed.


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