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Govt to hand hold with GCCI in career counseling, job placements: CM

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Panaji: Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that the state government will do hand holding with the GCCI to provide employment opportunities for the youth in private sector.

He said that the youth who are registered with Employment Exchange will get career counseling from GCCI, and also industry will offer them the jobs. The chief minister said that the private industry has already employed 250 youth in last 3-4 months, who were registered with the Employment Exchange.

Sawant recalled that it is for the first time that the Employment Exchange has been kept open for the recruitments in private sector.

He was speaking exclusively to GoaNewhub.com.

“The jobs are being created in government and private sector. We are having tie up with Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry to create career counseling centre in the employment exchange,” he said.

“They will offer career counseling and also give placements in different places. At the same time, we have opened up Goa’s Employment Exchange for the Industries,” he said.

“The industries can directly recruit the person who has registered themselves in the employment exchange. In last 3-4 months, around 400-500 youth were called for interview by the industries through the Employment Exchange and of which 250 of them were absorbed in the services. This is one of the positive step taken by the government.”


If project like Marina comes, Goa’s future would be changed in the tourism sector. For that also everyone is opposing. Once Marina is set up, they will be able to earn more than what they have been earning now. The same case is with IIT at Melaulim (Sattari), 100 per cent people living in the area will be benefitting. There will be upgradation of infrastructure. Not only IIT but also school, hospital and other facilities would be constructed. Everyone will get the facility. Government decides about development with holistic view. We are not getting any manufacturing industry in the village. So I feel that the people should think before opposing the project.


You have seen my press conference explaining how the past Congress governments goofed up on Mahadayi river issue. If you see my actions in last 17 months, I have not done any mistake. I am confidently telling you that we will not lose Mahadayi. As a Chief Minister I will put in more than 100 per cent efforts to ensure that it is not diverted.


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