Government failing due to presence of imported imposters : AAP



Aam Aadmi party went on the offensive declaring that nothing was working well for the government as it was choking with ‘imported imposters’ who came along with all the negativities attached to them. Aap said that rising covid cases with a covid positive person from Calangute escaping screening at border with political help was a tip of the iceberg. Aap General Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar said that the government was failing in every aspect related to covid and was lost in the battle for supremacy which was visible, thus putting lives of citizens at risk. He added that CM’s meek explanation that to err is human , to forgive divine is not valid in BJP Raj which believes that to err is human and to blame it on Gandhi and Nehru is more human.

“AAP had tried to awaken the consciousnesses of the government to take conscientious decisions which were not based on BJPs advice. We had pointed out time and again about lax border control too. But the CM was getting trapped in over reliance on SOPs that have hardly worked for Goa. Recall the government response right from beginning. Food distribution was the first failure. Ensuring timely return of NRIs and seafarers was another failure. Discrimination between persons when it came to quarantining is a bigger failure. The poor institutional quarantine facilities even on payment is not just a failure but cruel. Migrants return is a continuing failure. List is endless “ said Padgaonkar

Meanwhile Padgaonkar said that he was compelled to say that commemoration of world environment day was meaningless as a fatigued CM had lost control, with the central environment ministry under Prakash Javdekar running amok in now cutting through the western ghats.
“Look at what union environment minister Prakash Javdekar is doing to the western ghats after the cruel Mhadai blow to Goa. Look at the blatant land filling and hill cuttings. Tree felling is happening at will. All because imposters are in the government who do not care about what happens to the state. Recalling words of Lokayukta, we too say, God alone can save Goa. ” said Padgaonkar.


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