Goan artist Sagar Naik Mule dedicates a stunning sand art display to G20 at Miramar beach.


Panaji: The upcoming G20 meetings in Goa will showcase the talents of local artists, including self-made Kaavi artist Sagar Naik Mule. Along with his friend Deepak Gaonkar, Mule will display his sand art at Miramar beach and host an exhibition with a live demonstration of his art at Grand Hyatt Goa for the G20 delegates. The sandwork art depicts Kaavi pattern known as “Flower of life”.

Mule graduated from Goa College of Art and completed his masters from Sarojini School of Fine Arts, Hyderabad. He works as a freelance artist and is now promoting the art of “Kaavi,” which is derived from the local name for the maroon-red pigment from laterite. He rose to fame during the pandemic during the festival of Navratri back in 2019 when he decided that he would make art on the different colours of different goddesses but fitting it into his own contemporary art style. The moment he realized that G20 would be hosted in India, he immediately approached the ministry to seek permission to give his art a platform, and they approved his art with pride. “This art will be getting a new life through me and will be internationally known with the help of G20. I am thankful and blessed for the opportunity that I got through this platform,” he expressed his joy over the event. “My work is rooted in mud, and I feel happy that the event is being hosted on Indian soil. When you wish for something with all your heart, God always helps,” he added.
He describes his artistic journey by saying, “My art is inspired by people’s sound, stories, and their culture. Whenever I go places, I don’t need artistic tools; rather, I can make art with stones, mud, and everything in between.” When asked about his inspiration, he says, “I am my biggest inspiration because I don’t like to depend on anyone. For one day, their downfall will demotivate me.” Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced Sagar Naik Mule to the nation on ‘Mann Ki Baat’, commending his efforts to revive the centuries-old Kaavi art form.
After working for over 48 hours, Mule perfectly completed his sand artwork at the Miramar beach in time for the G20 meetings in Goa.


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