Goa to promote private investment in R&D in biotechnology, nanotechnology and others


Panaji: Goa government will promote private investments pertaining to Research and Development units in frontier fields such as biotechnology, information technology, nanotechnology and others.

In the performance budget 2019-2020 of Department of Science and Technology tabled on the floor of the House during ongoing session, Chief minister Pramod Sawant has said the department envisages a scheme of augmentation of research and development facilities or labouratory and strengthening of human resources in the department.

The chief minister said that the it is proposed to promote private investments pertaining to Research and Development units in frontier fields such as Biotechnology, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Sciences, Nutrition, Nanotechnology and others which can directly help industries and entrepreneurship.

“A technology incubator in the State with the assistance of a private educational institution will be supported,” he said in the performance budget.

In yet another aspect, Sawant said that Goa government will revive its Remote Sensing Centre under Science and Technology department which is the nodal agency to carryout satellite survey and GIS (geographical information system) in the State.

“The State Remote Sensing Centre will be revived during this year and will be equipped with requisite hardware, equipment to enable them to undertake collaborative training programme with Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) and other agencies,” budget document reads.

The State budget which is tabled on the floor of the House has earmarked Rs 90 lakh for the purpose of reviving Remote Sensing Centre.

The performance budget tabled on the floor of the House states that projects having objectives of mitigating specific environmental problems, recommending appropriate cropping or plantation patterns in newly irrigated areas, afforestation of wastelands, zoning Atlas for siting of Industries in Goa, estimation of  agricultural production through satellite data and others, estimation of precipitation levels through use of remote sensing data on real time basis will be taken up under this scheme of Remote Sensing Centre.


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