Goa should be declared as a mentally, psychologically sick State: Raut


Panaji: Shiv Sena on Thursday said that “Goa should be declared as mentally and physically, a sick state.”

Senior Shiv Sena leader and Member of Parliament Sanjay Raut speaking to reporters said that the state is reeling under certain kind of depression, which was never seen in the past.

“There are many states in the country like Bihar which want themselves to be declared as sick state due to financial conditions so that they can be given help,” Raut said.

“But the case of Goa is different. It should be declared as mentally and physically, a sick state due to the sickness of several ministers and growing differences within the coalition government led by Manohar Parrikar,” the MP said.

He said that Goa’s political situation has become unstable since last few months as Parrikar has been out, most of the time, for his medical treatment.

“Even some ministers fell sick. And when they were dropped, they began complaining that they have been with the party for so many years,” he said.

The Shiv Sena leader anticipated that the State government will pull on like this for few months and House would be dissolved on the eve of Parliamentary polls.

“The State government might go for polls of Assembly constituencies along with Lok Sabha elections,” he said adding that Sena is ready to contest both Assembly and Lok Sabha polls for which it has been building the organization in the State.

Raut said that Congress has failed to become a strong opposition in the State while there is utter confusion within the ruling party. “The state has come to a standstill. The ruling members are fighting amongst themselves. They are lobbing to be the next cm. The people of Goa would have  to find their way through this kind of situation,” he said.

Raut said that the State which was a destination for rejuvenation is now reeling under a kind of depression. “Goa is known for its innocence but that character of the State has been lost,” he said.


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