Goa Natural Gas to provide free piped natural gas


Panaji : Goa Natural Gas (P) Ltd (GNGPL) to promote the benefit of the green fuel, announced in  a press conference that they have come up with a scheme of ‘Free Gas Supply for three Months’ under which Housing societies who have registered themselves will benefit by getting free gas from November 2021 to January 2022.

GNGPL aims to target more domestic customers to use piped natural gas. They have informed that interested societies can register latest by 15 August 2021 to avail the scheme. More details regarding the same are available on the company’s website www.goanaturalgas.com.
CEO Mr. M.Z. Khan said, “CNG is one of the most environmentally-friendly fuels as compared to conventional fuels as it has no impurities such as sulphur or lead. With constant hike in petrol price, CNG works out to be economical priced at Rs 59/- kg. The local taxi operators shall benefit manyfold with this scheme.”
GNGPL informed that they are working towards the Government of India mission of increasing the share of gas in the energy mix of the country to 15% by 2030 from the present levels of 6.5% and also covering the 70% country population connected to the CGD network.
The company has successfully laid Natural gas pipeline network in Goa covering the industrial area of Madkaim and Kundaim and is currently supplying PNG to over 10 industrial customers in the 2 industrial estates.


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