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Goa just behind UP in highest no of single teacher school: UNESCO report

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Panaji: AAP slammed the Sawant Sarkar today as a UNESCO report laid bare Pramod Sawant’s failure on education in the state. The report stated that Goa was the second worst when it came to single teacher schools and is just below UP in the race to the bottom. Pramod Sawant’s tall statements of the state being no 1 in the education sector have fallen crashing to the ground with this report. Along with this Schools are also lacking in future-ready infrastructure with 84% of schools not even having computer labs.

239 schools are either single teacher run or have no more than 2 teachers. This skews the student teacher ratio and also puts burden on the teacher to teach multiple classes while children fail at learning outcomes. How are Goan children expected to excel in studies at this rate? How will Goan students compete globally at this rate? 93% of these Single teacher schools are in rural areas putting the children of Goans in villages at a further disadvantage.

On top of this 10% of Goa’s teachers are underqualified at a pre-primary level with unqualified teachers being a feature in even secondary and higher secondary levels. With only 16% of schools having a computer lab one must ask, how is the BJP govt making our youth future ready?

The BJP has already created a digital divide between urban and rural students of Goa but now it seems they are creating an educational divide as well. During the lockdown cases of students having no access to the internet or mobile connectivity became a daily occurrence. This issue is prominently faced by students in rural areas like Sattari, Sanguem & Cancona. Students had to walk miles in search of range and even climb mountains, They had to sit in rains under umbrellas and attend classes. This puts a huge strain on them and even risks their health. Students in some places had to face problems of wild animals too like bisons and wild boars while looking for network. This becomes worse when you consider that girls going in forest areas or isolated areas are at risk of molestation or sexual assault also as such areas are not safe.

“Pramod Sawant has brought global shame on Goa due to his sheer ineptitude and yet he has the audacity to make sweeping statements saying that his Govt has made Goa no 1 in Education” said AAP Goa Vice President Valmiki Naik. “At a time when our youth are facing a job crisis we are seeing that our children too are not getting proper education. It is time that Goans look to the Kejriwal Model of Governance as an alternative for our children’s future. The Kejriwal model has received Global recognition” added Naik.


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