Goa-IDC drives Industrial Competitiveness with Invest India Workshop on Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS)



Panaji: In an effort towards bolstering industrial growth and competitiveness in the vibrant state of Goa, the Goa Industrial Development Corporation (Goa-IDC) joined hands with Invest India to organize a comprehensive workshop on Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS). The workshop was aimed to align with the vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa and elevate Goa’s manufacturing capabilities within its Industrial estates.

The day-long workshop was held in the distinguished presence of Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Hon’ble Chairman of Goa-IDC; Mr.Pravimal Abhishek, MD Goa-IDC; Mr.Sanjay Amonkar, Director General of the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry [GCCI] ; Mr.Anirudh Dempo- President of Goa State Industries Association[GSIA] ; Mr.Rishaba Katyal, Manager and VP-Invest India and Ms.Vrinda Tanwani-Assistant Manager-Invest India. Various Association Presidents and the Industries representatives were also present for the workshop.

Chairman of Goa-IDC, Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, Chairman of Goa-IDC stated that “In reflecting upon the journey of 2023, I must say that it has been a truly transformational period for the Goa Industrial Development Corporation. In a remarkably short span, we have accomplished substantial milestones, ushering in a new era of progress. This includes a comprehensive overhaul of the laws and regulations that govern the functioning of the Goa-IDC.

Furthermore, we have embarked on a pioneering initiative with the survey of all industrial estates, employing cutting-edge GIS technology to establish an Industrial Land Bank Information System. Additionally, the introduction of a state-of-the-art Software Portal for Goa-IDC stands as a testament to our commitment to modernization. Simultaneously, the quality of infrastructure in all industrial estates also needs improvement. In this regard, the Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS) introduced by DPIIT, Govt. of India is a game changer as it provides a roadmap for development of industrial estates. As we celebrate these achievements, we recognize that our journey is ongoing, and we remain dedicated to fostering an environment that catalyses industrial growth and prosperity in the vibrant state of Goa.”

Seeking co-operation from the industries, Chairman encouraged attendees to contribute new ideas and go the extra mile to achieve the mission’s objectives. “With the assistance, commitment and priority given by both Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr.Pramod Sawant and the Hon’ble Industries Minister, Shri.Mauvin Godinho, we aim to surpass the target we have set,” he concluded.



Mr.Pravimal Abhishek, Managing Director of Goa-IDC, in his opening remarks underscored the significance of the IPRS and its pivotal role in the development of industrial parks. “When we have a common goalpost, it is easier for us to achieve our targets and maintain focus on the goalpost. The IPRS is a national assessment framework for industrial estates which enable Goa-IDC and industry associations to have a common understanding on how to identify and address gaps in infrastructure.

He expressed his enthusiasm about the outcome of the Workshop, stating that, “This collaborative initiative underscores our commitment to fostering a thriving industrial ecosystem in Goa. By aligning with this kind of national benchmarks we are poised to elevate the competitiveness of our Industrial estates and attract strategic investments. He also urged stakeholders to collectively explore avenues for improvement in the upcoming evaluation of the IPRS and emphasized the importance of disseminating this knowledge to industry units and field managers, for which, Goa-IDC will provide resources and support.

During the event, industry stakeholders shared insights into the initiative, emphasizing its significance in improving the operations of industrial parks in Goa. All associations have committed to identifying priority parameters within the Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS), shaping the agenda for infrastructure development in the coming year.

The Industrial Park Rating System is a comprehensive framework designed to evaluate and enhance the quality of industrial parks. This system is based on a range of criteria, including the quality of infrastructure, adherence to environmental standards, governance, and the range of services provided. By benchmarking industrial estates against these criteria, we not only understand where the shortfalls exist but also plan infrastructure works in such a way that our score improves.

For the Goa Industrial Development Corporation, this system provides a roadmap to elevate the standards of existing industrial estates while guiding the development of new ones. Implementing the rating system will not only enhance the attractiveness of Goa as an industrial destination but also ensure that the growth is environmentally sustainable.

By adopting and excelling in this system, Goa can attract a higher quality of investment – investments that are not only economically beneficial but also environmentally and socially progressive.


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