Goa Honored for Commitment to Tourism Excellence and Cultural Festivals



New Delhi: In a joyful celebration of Goa’s colorful and lively tourism industry, the state emerged as a standout winner at the prestigious Economic Times- Travel & Tourism Annual Conclave & Awards, held today in New Delhi. Goa, often hailed as a coastal paradise, clinched two prestigious awards, firmly establishing itself as a premier destination on the global tourism map.

The first feather in Goa’s cap, the “Tourism State of the Year” award, is a definite acknowledgment of the state’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the tourism sector. Over the years, Goa has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication to promoting sustainable tourism, preserving its rich cultural heritage, and offering unparalleled experiences to visitors from around the world.
The second accolade, “Best Fairs and Festival State,” sheds light on Goa’s distinctive and diverse calendar of festivals. A key moment in the presentation was the compelling case study of “Chikal Kalo,” showcasing the state’s unique approach to celebrating its cultural richness. Festivals like the renowned Deepotsav and Shri Krishna Vijayotsav Spardha have not only attracted enthusiasts from across the nation but have also drawn international visitors, contributing significantly to Goa’s global appeal.

Expressing his elation at the remarkable achievements, Honorable Tourism Minister Shri Rohan A. Khaunte stated, “These awards are a reflection of our collective efforts to make Goa a standout destination. Our commitment to preserving our cultural heritage and offering an unparalleled experience to tourists is unwavering. We are proud to be recognized as the Tourism State of the Year and the Best Fairs and Festival State.”

The “Best Fairs and Festivals State” recognition applauds Goa’s year-round festivals calendar including New Year revelries, Carnival festivals, heritage events and Christmas festivities, drawing substantial domestic and international tourists annually. Illustrious festivals like Navratri, Diwali, the iconic Narkasur effigy competition and age-old events like Chikal Kalo, encapsulating Goan history and culture, played a pivotal role in the evaluation process.

The 350th Coronation Year celebrations of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj epitomize Goa’s dedication to upholding its history and legacy. This momentous occasion underlines the enduring heritage of one of India’s greatest warriors and leaders. In anticipation of the upcoming Shiv Jayanti festival in February 2024, plans have been rolled out to host festivities in six cities across the state, namely Panjim, Margao, Mapusa, Ponda, Vasco, and Bicholim.

Apart from this, Goa will celebrate NoMoZo at the start of the New Year, followed by the Carnival festival in February. The Veer Bharda Festival and Shigmo festival in March and April will mark the last month of the lunar calendar. People enjoy the Holi festival with color and dance, wherein the Veerbhadr, a form of ritualistic dance popular during Shigmo in the region, attracts tourists from across the globe who come to witness it.
Goa’s victory at the Awards accentuates its stature as a flourishing tourism haven, enthralling visitors with its unique confluence of cultural richness, natural splendor and genial hospitality.


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