Goa Forward party president Mr Vijai Sardesai writes to the Chief Minister, the Agriculture Minister, and the TCP Minister demanding GI Tag, protection, and Land to Tiller Policy for Mardol Jayo.


Panaji :- In a decisive move to protect and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Goa, Vijai Sardesai, the President of Goa Forward Party, has shot off letters today to the Chief Minister of Goa, the Minister for Agriculture, and the Town and Country Planning Minister. The letters call for immediate action to safeguard one of Goa’s rich cultural tradition kept alive by the Naik Fulkar Samaj, and protection of a heritage site associated with it, in Mardol.

“For over a century, this community has celebrated the Jayanche Puja, a tradition that originated during the Plague pandemic of 1914. This annual ritual, dedicated to the Mahalsa Goddess, symbolizes resilience, unity, and faith, marking humanity’s collective triumph over adversity. The site of this enduring practice, ‘Jayanche Molle,’ faces threats from rapid urbanization and modernization, risking the complete effacement of not only the site but also the tradition from our memory.” He wrote.

Mr Sardesai’s letter articulates the importance of the government’s intervention in safeguarding this cultural landmark, and proposes a comprehensive strategy for its preservation. This includes the declaration of Jayanche Molle as a Protected Cultural Heritage Site of Goa, ensuring the provision of necessary support to the Naik Fulkar Samaj, and the promotion of agricultural research and modernization techniques in the cultivation of Jayo, a crucial element of the Jayanchi Puja.

Further, Sardesai suggests the establishment of a dedicated committee to oversee the preservation of Goa’s cultural traditions, pointing out that such efforts be coupled with the inclusion of these traditions in the state’s educational curriculum to instil a sense of pride and respect for our cultural heritage among the youth.

Vijai Sardesai, who’s also the Fatorda MLA, said that he also calls for the recognition of Mardol Jayo as a heritage plant, seeking a Geographical Indication (GI) tag to protect its cultural significance and ensure its conservation. Additionally, he urges a ‘Land to the Tiller’ policy for the Jayanche Molle site to keep the land in the hands of those who have historically cultivated Mardol Jayo, thus protecting it from external threats such as wanton commercial development.


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