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Goa Congress sarcastically congratulates PM for making taxes on petrol, diesel highest globally

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Panaji: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president Girish Chodankar in a sarcastic way first congratulated  NDA-led government and then targeted Prime Minister Modi for creating a new record by making taxes on Petrol and diesel highest in world.

The crude oil which actually costs at Rs. 11.14 per litre is sold at Rs 71.26 per litre for Petrol while Rs. 69.39 per litre for Diesel. With Yesterday’s midnight decision on taxes on petrol were raised by Rs. 10 per litre and on diesel Rs. 13 per litre that means in 48 days Modi Ji has increased tax on diesel by Rs. 16 per litre and on Petrol by Rs. 13 per litre.

It may be recalled On 14th March, 2020 in Modi Ji increased tax on petrol and diesel by Rs. 3 per litre. As on 4th May, 2020, the oil basket for Indian Oil Companies is 23.38 US Dollar per barrel ie Rs. 1,772 per barrel. We all know that one barrel has 159 litres that means the cost per litre today is Rs. 11.14 per litre.

Modi Ji has increased tax on Diesel in 5-1/2 years that he has been in power by Rs. 28.17 per litre and he has increased taxes on Petrol in 5-1/2 years by Rs. 23.50 per litre.

Between the years 2014-15 up till the year 2019-20 that is in a period of 6 years, Union BJP Government has increased taxes on Petrol and Diesel 12 times and has collected Rs. 17 lakh crores.

We all are struggling with Corona pandemic today. The poor migrant labourers and workers, the shopkeepers, the farmers, the small and medium businesses are virtually penny less and Modi government again decided to target Indians by raising insurmountable taxes on petrol and diesel which we strongly condemn and demand to sell petroleum products at cost till Covid19 and economic conditions are normalised.

Chodankar also demanded with Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant who also holds Educational portfolio to take decision on SSC exams on urgent basis since students are suffering every day. You can’t keep it pending indefinitely like ZP elections. Try to understand mindset of minor students who are going through stress and torture and you are punishing them. Please don’t keep students hanging, based on HRD ministry guidelines take decision either way but don’t remain indecisive.

He also brought to the notice of CM about phone numbers announced by the government on official website for those people who want to come to Goa or want to go out of Goa. Chodankar said, “I had also shared these numbers and people are complaining that numbers are non existing. I personally tried and I also got same feedback”. He further said It looks like your government is irresponsible and insensitive making mockery of people struggling during the testing times and urged him to work with seriousness and dedication with sensitivity during Covid19.


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