Goa coast was not prepared to face the cyclone: Capt Venzy Viegas




Benaulim: AAP MLA Capt Venzy Viegas on Thursday alleged that the disaster management was a complete failure, ahead of the possible cyclone hitting the coast.
He said that it is due to blessings of God that the state was saved, but the authorities had failed to respond to the oncoming calamity.
Talking to our Editor-in-Chief Rupesh Samant, Viegas said that there was no preparations on the coast, though there was a warning of cyclone.

These are few excerpts from his interview:

1. I am one of the largest stakeholder of the coast. I don’t see any preparation here today. There is no disaster management. No awareness across the coast. We never know what could happen. Good that the cyclone has moved away.
2. But there should have been a preparation. Without going on site, I can say that the siren alarm will not be functioning today. Alarm was brought for a drill. After that all the equipments were taken back.
3. Today is the day when everything should have been activated. It is the responsibility of the chief minister. I have been told that Disaster Management Plan is not prepared.
4. If I was the CM I would have taken all the resources and made them stationed here because it gives awareness. All these canoes could have been put inside.
5. Each canoe is costing Rs 14 lakh. Entire damage is to the locals.
6. Ideally, 48 hours before everybody should have been evacuated. We have already identified the location to keep the boats. People should have been made alert. The muster station at the Hill should have been activated. People should have been educated. Mock drill should have been done.
7. We are safe because we are blessed by St Francis Xavier and other Gods and Goddesses.
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