Goa BJP MLAs, turncoats failed people of Manipur; while World expressed concern globally: Chodankar


Panaji: Former Goa Congress president Girish Chodankar has expressed concern over the violence incidents in Manipur and has alleged that along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP MLAs in Goa including the turncoats, have failed the people of Manipur.

“These turncoats have won on secular minority votes but failed to protect the Christian community in Manipur by requesting its main engine to intervene. It is a shame that Goa BJP MLAs remained silent, while world leaders condemned it,” he said.

“After feeling the pressure of opposition, the BJP MLAs did the formality to console the people of Manipur and have not condemned the killing & the communal acts to save the skin. I condemn the insensitive approach of the BJP government towards the riots affected State,” Chodankar said.

“Violence in Manipur has killed over 150 innocent people and the destruction of several minority settlements and churches has taken place. The people of Goa are pained by several reported incidents and have expressed their solidarity with the people of Manipur. However, BJP MLAs have failed to raise their voice against the destruction in Manipur.  This illustrates the failure of the Central government to control the situation,” Chodankar lamented.

“In Goa Legislative Assembly, they have only consoled the deaths not condemned the killings. The government must condemn such acts and urge the Central Government to initiate strict action and take control over the situation,” he said.

“One prominent figure of BJP from Manipur Mr. R Vanramchhunanga has resigned from the post of vice president of the party accepting the Government’s failure to control the situation and stop the destruction of churches and other settlements. In Goa none of the BJP MLAs especially those elected on secular & minority votes stood in solidarity with the Manipur people. This proves that these MLAs only want people during the election to garner votes,” Chodankar charged.

“Their prolonged silence only indicates that they support the violence and killing of innocents in Manipur. This is unacceptable, unforgivable and condemnable,” he said.

The disturbing visuals in the viral video of a helpless woman pleading for mercy did not affect all the turncoat MLAs supporting them in silence. I dare these MLAs to force the BJP Government to stop the killings of innocents, lest you will not be pardoned for supporting such acts.

Girish Chodankar said that the Congress party has concern over the situation in Manipur and leaders are trying their level best to restore peace.

Attacking the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi over their failures, Chodankar said that BJP’s priority is to win elections and not to resolve issues faced by the public.

“The Prime Minister toured many countries and states, while Manipur was burning. He showed no care for the people of Manipur and didn’t visit the state. This is condemnable,” he said. Chodankar reminded PM about his statement over the Gujarat riots that even if a dog comes under the car it pains him. Where is this pain gone when hundreds are killed and rapped?

He said that the Government of India has abandoned its responsibility to take care of the people of Manipur.

“The Union Government should take strong and all necessary steps with sincerity for maintaining peace and harmony in the state,” he urged.


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