Girish, Kawthankar, Sardinha, Bhike missed the INDIA Alliance BUS?


Panaji: While INDIA Alliance has tried to show its unity during the launch of the campaign from North and South Goa, absence of Congress aspirants including Girish Chodankar, Sunil Kawthankar, Francisco Sardinha and Vijai Bhike indicates that the Congress has to still fight back the infighting.

To make travel easier, the INDIA Alliance had packed all its leaders in a bus. GPCC chief Amit Patkar, AAP Goa chief Amit Palekar, LoP Yuri Alemao, GFP leader Durgadas Kamat, MLAs Carlose Ferreira, Altone D’Costa, Cruz Silva (venzy Viegas could not be seen in the picture), both the candidates — Ramakant Khalap and Capt Viriato Fernandes and visited Patradevi and later came to Margao.

But what was striking is that Chodankar, Kawthankar, Sardinha and Bhike who were aspiring for the ticket were absent in the lot, though they are prominent leaders of the party.

While Sardinha has recently told a local news channel that he would take a break, others were active even after the tickets were announced. Their absence could be felt as it looks like they have missed the INDIA Alliance BUS.

Sources claimed that Girish would be travelling to North East to campaign for the party, Kawthankar has been seen criticising government through the video messages, Bike has expressed his unhappiness over Khalap’s candidature. The task for Amit Patkar now is to get these leaders campaign for the party.


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