Girish Chodankar is responsible for the current situation of Congress in Goa today : Fransisco Sardinha


Margao : South Goa Congress Member of Parliament, Fransisco Sardinha has slammed GPCC presidnet Girish Chodankar for the plight of Goa Congress.


In a press statement he said 10 congress MLAs defected and joined BJP on Chodankar’s watch. “Congress party’s strength has been weakened by Chodankar” asserted Sardinha.


He also alleged that Girish is pretending to have sacrificed himself in North Goa and Panaji election whereas the fact of the matter is that Congress had capable candidates in these two elections who had winnable potential.



Sardinha inferred that once Chodankar is gone people will stop criticizing Congress and begin to provide their support. Although Congress does not have majority neither in ZP nor CCP Sardinha confidently said “All senior leaders will work hard to win assembly election”


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