GFP holds CM responsible for Goa’s COVID-19 situation



Panaji:  Ahead of all party meeting called by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, Goa Farward Party Chief Vijai Sardesai released series of tweets exposing inefficiency of the state government in handling COVID-19 crisis.

Sawant has called for all party meeting on Monday at 4 pm to discuss the COVID-19 crisis in the state.

Sardesai has alleged that there was lack of transparency on the part of Sawant-led government while handling the crisis.

The former deputy chief minister has held the chief minister responsible for the current situation wherein the state has reported more than 300 COVID-19 positive cases.

Sardesai tweeted “We @Goaforwardparty always said we want to keep aside our political battles & collaborate willingly in this COVID-Fight for sake of #Goa & #Goans.Govt however, did not listen till date as it appears it had an ulterior political agenda & wanted to take political mileage out of it.”

“Goa’s increasing cases cause of concern.We are at 300. Goa’s COVID-Warriors had done gr8 job till date. But Govt has botched up everything due to their obsession with their POLITICAL Health at cost of PUBLIC Health.GOVT’s COVID Fight lacks EFFICIENCY, TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY,” he said in another tweet.

Sardesai also said “From day one, enforcing initial lockdown, postponing ZP Elections, distribution of essential commodities, repatriating stranded Goans, repatriating migrants, messy border controls, FLOODGATES !All types of GATES…..Commodities-GATE, Labour-GATE, Quarantine-GATE.”

“The disarray in administration has been compounded by lack of Transparency in decision making process.Govt trying to hide real facts & figures with regard to extent of the infection in Goa as well as level of preparedness to meet the deteriorating situation,” he said in another tweet.

“Several occasions when Goemkars (Goans) saw @goacm trying to portray a “ROSY PICTURE” while @visrane has enraged party bosses by alerting Goans to the real “GLOOMY PICTURE” ! And then he has retracted. Mind you @visrane is answerable to Assembly as Health Minister!,” he said.

Sardesai also tweeted “LOCKDOWNwasn’t a PREVENTIVE MEASURE but CONTAINMENT MEASURE It was meant to buy us time to UPGRADE our TESTING Facilities & CRITICAL HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE.But Govt went about dispensing COVID-FREE PILLS & in pre-mature CelebratoryMode as if preparing 4 polls.”




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