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Saturday, January 28, 2023

General Secretary of BJP Calangute Block & BJP Goa Kisan Morche Vice President Sudesh Mayekar joins AAP!

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Sudesh Mayekar, General Secretary of BJP Calangute Block and Vice President of BJP state Kisan Morcha Goa joined AAP along with his supporters in the presence of AAP national convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday.

Mayekar is the youngest Deputy Sarpanch of Calangute till date and currently he is a panch member there. He is active member of NGO “Care for India” and also created a Social Organisation by name “Super Crew”. Throughout his life, social work and service towards humanity has always been his top priority.

As a part of his vision, it is a vital aspect of his life to help and provide the people of Goa and the people of Calangute Constituency. He has been working together for different segments of people , the youth, the women, the senior citizens etc. He had been organising various  different programs in support of them. One of such recent programs being installation of Taxi Counter for the smooth functioning of taxi business.

He is also a part of India care wherein they rescue mentally ill people from the streets and admit them into day care. He found helping and admitting injured cattle and animals at animal shelter, very often.

AAP has been aggressively growing on the ground all over the state. AAP has seen a recent spate of large joinings of mass leaders like Dayanand Narvekar, Babu Nanoskar, Satyavijay Naik, Rajdeep Naik, Ganpat Gaonkar, Dominic Gaonkar, Ritesh Chodankar and Amit Palekar.

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  1. Goans should bring AAP Accident Care Model To Goa.
    Best & Free Treatment in nearby Private/Government Hospital, who meets with an accident.
    Award to them, who takes the accident victim to the hospital.
    No wasting time of the Savior with unnecessary questions by the authorities.
    AAP Accident Care Model saves lots of accident victim life.
    Goans should bring AAP Security Model To Goa.
    The Best Security Model of AAP.
    CCTV is one of them.


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