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Frontline warriors being forced on their back foot? asks AAP

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Panaji: Aam Aadmi Party today while castigating the government for its mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Goa lamented that the government is now hitting at the front line warriors like doctors who are working diligently to control this ever growing pandemic.

AAP spokesperson Dr.Vibhas Prabhudesai has outright condemned the government’s decision to withdraw the accommodation provided to doctors working at the COVID-19 hospitals in Margao namely the ESI hospital and the South Goa District Hospital.

The doctors working there have been given instructions to vacate their premises within 24 hours with no alternative provided to them. “It is indeed ludicrous of the government to ask the doctors to pay from their own pocket the rent of the accommodation occupied by them at the moment.” said Dr.Vibhas.

He pointed out that the doctors are working round the clock to provide medical relief to the corona patients sacrificing their personal life and wondered how the government could be so insensitive as to ask them to pay from their own pocket for their accommodation.

“It would be exhausting for the doctors to travel for one hour from these hospitals to GMC at the end of their duty, which may take a toll on the health of the doctors. The Govt. must be reminded that doctors are humans too, not machines.” he said besides pointing out that some doctors are handling sensitive departments that need 24 hour attention and asked how these doctors will be able to carry on their duties from Bambolim.

Dr.Vibhas pointed out that the government has not issued any formal order to this effect but has only verbally informed the doctors and termed this as another form of intimidation and oppression which is the means of functioning of the BJP government.

He said the Goa Association of Resident Doctors are justified in their threat to retract their services to the COVID hospitals in Margao if the government does ahead with this draconian and totally inhuman approach and said AAP would stand by the doctors.

He said it was time the government comes out with some concrete plan to deal with the pandemic and urged Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant to have some consideration to the doctors given the fact that he too belongs to the medical care profession.

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    The Best Health Care Model of AAP.
    Aam Aadmi Clinic is one of them.
    World is praising the AAP Health Care Model.

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