Fish prices set to rise as SGPDA-Wholesalers clash again


Margao:  The tussle between wholesale fish traders and South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) has once again raised the prices of the fish in the state.

The Wholesale fish market has been closed for last three days with no clarity being given on when it will restart the operation. The import of the fish has stalled, leaving the local markets to bank on the domestic catch.

Post Ganesh Chaturthi, the demand for fish goes up as it also culminates the month long Shravan.

The prices of fish which had sky-rocketed during the lockdown time after wholesale fish market at Margao was closed down, had stabilized when the wholesalers managed to open up the facility after getting order from the High Court.

Even as people were happy to get the affordable fish, SGPDA has struck again, this time due to COVID-19. The SGPDA has claimed that one of the fish cutter was found positive in the wholesale fish market, after which the entire facility was closed down.

Wholesale Traders claim that the fish cutter was not from their market as they don’t have such people operating there right now. The notice issued by SGPDA to close down the market was initially for four days, but has been informally told to the wholesalers that there is no fix date of re-opening of the market.

In the ego clash between wholesalers and the SGPDA, the fish prices are now all set to sky rocket once against as due to bad weather, the trawlers are also anchored on the jetties.


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