Fifth accused in abduction and attempt to murder case arrested by Old Goa Police


Old Goa: In connection with the investigation of adbuction and attempt to murder case registered at Old Goa police station the Old Goa police today traced the 05th accused person and placed him under arrest.

As per PI Jivba Dalvi the 04 accused persons were thoroughly interrogated and subsequently they revealed the name of Mr. Ravi Nelature, R/o Chimbel.

Further police with immediate efforts nabbed Ravi Nelature today and lodged him in the lockup. PI Dalvi further stated that they have gathered information regarding the remaining accused person and all on the radar of the police.

Old Goa police has registered an offence under section 143, 147, 148, 448, 427, 324, 506(ii), 364 R/w 34 IPC yesterday for abduction and attempting to murder one Vishwanbhar Shirvaikar , R/o Gaulebhat, Merces and had place under arrest 04 accused persons.

Further investigation is in progress.


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