Fear of INDIA, BJP’s ATMs to largess fake schemes: Chodankar


Panaji: Hitting back at Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for calling Chhattisgarh and Karnataka as an ATM of the Congress, a senior leader of the grand old party has questioned him whether the ten states ruled by BJP are ATM for them.


“The way Pramod Sawant and his party colleagues are expressing frustration after being baffled to see the unity of INDIA, it is evident that they will go to any level to further divide our nation for their vested interest,” former Congress Chief Girish Chodankar said.


“Eying on Lok Sabha polls, BJP ruled states have started to largesse the schemes as they know there is ant-BJP wave. Currently they are trying to spread hatred by targeting opposition parties. People of the nation know how frustrated they are and hence will not fall prey to any tactics,” Chodankar said.


“Pramod Sawant should tell whether BJP has muscle and money power with 10 ATMs in the states ruled by them. In Goa we have seen how its ministers are using muscle and power to stifle the voice of people and create fear in the minds of people,” Chodankar said.


Chodankar asked Sawant whether he used the Goa ATM for Gujarat and Karnataka polls.


“BJP has done collection from various business houses for Karnataka Polls and crores of amount was squeezed from contractors for Gujarat Polls. I hope Sawant will clarify on his own ATM,” Sawant said, adding people also want to know if any person from the teaching profession has become a collection agent.


“Everyone knows how one bidder was told to give crores of rupees for the project, which he was supposed to start in the interest of sugarcane farmers. Even people know how casinos, contractors, businessmen, builders and hoteliers were extorted for election expenditure,” Chodankar said.


“Even after taking total commission, various contractors were also not spared from extortion. They were forced to shell out huge amounts for Gujarat elections”


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