Exclusive: Memories of Sunburn 2023 still lingers on at Vagator Plateau


Vagator: The aftermath of the Sunburn electronic dance music (EDM) festival lingers on, with a dedicated team of 25 tirelessly addressing the scattered debris on Vagator beach in North Goa even two weeks post-event. The delicate plateau bears the brunt of plastic, broken bottles, wood, and more, prompting questions about responsibility for the mess, particularly as New Year tourists navigate through the aftermath.

Even after two weeks controversial Sunburn electronic dance music (EDM) festival ended the team of 25 crew is still collecting the garbage at Vagatore beach in North Goa.



The garbage is just scattered all over the fragile plateau and the crew are still working hard to restore the ground. The team of laborers have informed that they cannot count the trucks which they loaded day and night that were send to the garbage treatment plant.

The inquiry further reveals that the crew members will take another 2 – 3 days to wrap the entire garbage after its collection. But the question remain here unanswered is that who is responsible for this mess and why the tourists visiting in view of new year at the Vagatore beach has to walk through the garbage?

Sarpanch of Anjuna-Caisua village panchayat Laxmikant Chimulkar has said that he has not noticed the garbage as he have not travelled from the Vagator beach.

“I will ask the concern agency who is collecting the garbage to wrap it immediately”, Chimulkar responds to the GNH representative’s question as why the village has to suffer and attract bad image because of Sunburn EDM organizers.

Chimulkar further answers that the Panchayat has collected only five lakh rupees approximately from the Sunburn management in terms of various taxes.

GNH tried reaching to Shailendra Singh, one of the promoter of Sunburn EDM festival, but he did not respond to the telephone calls.

The garbage includes lot of plastic, broken bottles, wood, plywood waste, plastic containers, wrappers, plastic bottles, glass liquor bottles etc. Even after two weeks the plateau doesn’t seem to be recovered from the torture of three days and night of EDM festival.

The State is already facing the issue due to drop in tourists for this touristic season. Travel and tourism bodies have already raised the concern over the issue for drop in international as well as domestic tourists decline.

On daily basis thousands of tourists as well as party and food lovers visits dozens of well reputed restaurants and pubs in the Vagator. The tourists since 80s visit Vagatore for its serene beauty and the breathtaking view of Arabian sea.

Is this a negligence of the authorities, because of them Goa have showcased the garbage for last 14 days who have visited this coastal State with love and lot of good expectations to experience on this tiny beach in Vagator.


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