#Exclusive|| Bihar Guv elect Rajendra Arlekar thanks centre for giving him bigger opportunity


Panaji: Reacting to his appointment as new Governor of Bihar,   Rajendra Arlekar on Sunday thanked the Central government for giving him a bigger responsibility.

Arlekar said that looking at his experience of the past, the central government must have deemed fit to give him responsibility of a bigger state. On Sunday, Arlekar, who is currently Governor of Himachal Pradesh was appointed to Bihar state.

The 68-year-old former speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly said that he is happy to work for the country, wherever he gets an opportunity. “I thank the central government for giving me this opportunity,” he added.

“They must have given me responsibility of a bigger state considering my past experience,” said Arlekar, who was the speaker of Goa Assembly during tenure of late Manohar Parrikar as the Chief Minister.

When asked about his reaction of being appointed in non-BJP ruled state, Arlekar said “ government is government, it does not make difference whether which party it belongs to.”


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