Empowering Junior Innovators: CARES Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2024


The “Coding And Robotics Education in Schools Scheme (CARES)” is an initiative by the Government of Goa to integrate computational and design thinking skills, along with programming, into school-level education. The primary goal of CARES is to prepare students for the demands of the 21st-century digital world. It aims to spark interest in coding and robotics through an interactive pedagogy. By incorporating coding and robotics education, the scheme equips young minds with essential skills for the digital age.

CARES under the Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Goa, has been efficiently and consistently working to bring in stakeholders, think tanks and corporate to join hands to bring in a more diversified structure of education. There have been many technical and non-technical competitions for students across Goa, one of them the Goa Codes 2024, to bring in young talents to showcase their coding skills.

The Unit also strives to bring in more diversity through one-on-one interactions with the students through boot camps; the recently held Critical Thinking Diwali Boot Camp 2023 and Blender Boot Camp 2023. These boot camps played a crucial role in nurturing students’ skills and fostering a passion for technology. After an overwhelming response from the students around the corners of Goa, CARES is going to launch its two-day offline Boot camp on 21/05/2024 and 22/05/2024. This boot camp highlights the theme of Junior Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Impact. Entrepreneurship has been incredibly popular for the past decade, so it’s important for us to introduce this aspect of technology to students in Goa, allowing them to experience the benefits of entrepreneurship first-hand.

CARES boot camp aims to empower and equip the students with the necessary skills and mindset to turn their ideas into impactful ventures. The journey from an initial idea to creating a real-world impact is both exciting and challenging. This theme acknowledges that ideas alone are not enough; execution and impact matter equally. Participants will learn how to validate, prototype, and scale their ideas, ensuring
they create meaningful change.

Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Participants will learn to think beyond the obvious. The theme encourages participants to think creatively. How can they solve real-world problems in novel ways? The boot camp likely includes sessions with Teach For Goa – Fellows as mentors who will guide, provide feedback, and give practical advice on refining their ideas and navigating challenges. The session will help the students to build effective communication skills and thus bring in confidence and courage to take risks and overcome obstacles.

This boot camp welcomes students of Goa from classes V to VIII in the academic year 2023-2024, regardless of their school affiliation. Registrations will be open on the CARES portal www.cares.goa.gov.in from 9 May 2024 – 15 May 2024.

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