Drishti issues advisory: Stay away from rocky areas and cliffs; avoid venturing into the sea


Panaji: Drishti, the state appointed lifeguard agency has advised beach goers to stay away from rocky areas and cliffs along the coastline. The rocks are very slippery during monsoon season and also wave height, intensity and frequencies are very high and one can easily get washed out.

“It has been observed that a number of visitors to the beach are scaling rocky area and cliff tops in an attempt to get photographs to share on their social media profiles. Many of the images and videos posted online are located at extremely dangerous locations amidst steep rocks with jagged edges, areas with loose rocks and locations prone to rip currents and fierce waves. Many of these locations are at beaches which are unmanned by lifeguards. This poses a serious threat to visitors.” explained Ravi Shankar, Executive Director, Drishti Marine. He added, “”IMD has predicted very heavy rainfall for the next few days across Goa. Visitors to the beach are advised to not enter the sea as the sea conditions are expected to be extremely rough.”

In an effort to reduce the number of accidents and falls from slippery and rocky areas along the coastline; Drishti Marine had previously identified unsafe zones which are strictly no-selfie zones. Appropriate signage boards continue to be posted at these spots along the coast.

Red flags are put up on all beaches marking them as strictly no-swim zones.


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