Dr Shekhar Salkar urges parents to feed their child fresh-cooked food



Panaji: On the occasion of World Safety Day, Dr Shekhar Salkar, Surgical Oncologist, Manipal Hospitals said parents should be mindful about what children are consuming. The doctor said that despite their busy schedule, parents should ensure that they are providing fresh and home-cooked food to their kids.

The doctor further added that a good diet is extremely important as it helps to keep away many diseases like cardiac issues and cancer.

“If you want to prevent yourself from COVID or even from cardiac and cancer diseases, diet is extremely important. And, we have to keep ourselves away from the HFSS (High Fat Sugar and Salt) diet. In general terms, they are called junk foods. Parents today don’t have time to prepare fresh food everyday for their children, they tend to give all this processed food. These kinds of food items can be harmful for the children in the long term,” he added.

Dr Salkar also shared three tips to have a healthy and disease-free life.

“If you want to remain healthy, have a healthy diet that means having less fat, sugar and salt in your diet. Have loads of fresh and green leafy vegetables, fruits and lots of water. Take as little red and processed meat as less as possible. Colon cancer is common in people, who eat processed meat. Second is, you have to keep yourself active. Take up activities like running, cycling, yoga and swimming. Third is, stay away from alcohol and smoke,” he said.


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