Double rescue at Arambol sweet lake; Two rescued at Calangute beach


Panaji: The Arambol beach was witness to a double rescue of a couple while two were rescued at Calangute earlier today.

At the Arambol sweet lake at around 16:10 hrs today, a group of 40 people were bathing. Among them were a couple, both aged 30 years, who drifted deeper into the waters. This alerted Drishti lifesavers Satish Satoskar and Shubham Satelkar who rushed the spot and secured the tourists with a rescue board and a rescue tube.

A group of ten people from Hyderabad were bathing in the waters earlier today at Calangute beach when one of them drifted deeper into the waters. Despite the lifesavers constant cautioning, the tourist ventured deeper. The 21-year old man attempted to swim back ashore but could not and called out for help. Drishti lifesavers Haresh Kadre and on alert, noticed the victim in distress and rushed to him. Drishti lifesaver Leslie Rodrigues also accompanied his colleague and conducted the rescue. The victim was secured with a rescue tube and a rescue board and brought back to the shore safely.

In another incident that took place at about 11:40 hrs, a 28 year old man from Maharashtra entered into the sea at Calangute beach for a swim. Drishti lifesavers monitoring the beach requested tourists to not go further than knee level water lines. Despite this, the tourist ventured into the deep sea and was unable to swim back, being caught in a rip current. Drishti lifesaver Siddesh Bhosle and Leslie Rodrigues noticed the struggling tourist and rushed to him with a rescue board and rescue tube and secured the victim, bringing him back to safety.

Drishti Marine, the state appointed lifesaving agency, had deployed additional lifesavers across beaches in north and south Goa as the beaches are packed with people as it’s the festive holiday season. Patrolling hours have been extended till 23:00 hours till the first week of Jan 2021. Additionally on December 24, December 25 the lifesavers manned the beaches till 01:00hrs in the morning and will  do the same on new years eve on 31st December 2020.


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