DM North declares micro- containment and buffer zone


Panaji :The District Magistrate, North Goa has declared part of Indiranagar as Micro Containment Zone and Buffer Zone respectively for all purpose and objectives prescribed in the Protocol of COVID-19 to prevent spread in the adjoining areas.

The part of Indiranagar comprising of H.No. 81,36,64,64/1, 70,105,63,94,61,65,73,54,13 of Indiranagar in Chimbel Village is declared as  micro containment zone. Part of Indiranagar comprising of H. No. 78/3, 1406, 15, 1153, 114, 48/1, 48,133/2,21,57,59,58,124,123,38,40,53,53/A,249,37,51,125,39,125/1,45,52,139,59,19,129,38,133 as buffer zone.

For combating  the situation at hand, Government of Goa has prepared an action plan which includes screening, testing of suspected cases, quarantine, isolation, social distancing and other public health measures in the Containment Zone.

A rapid response team is deployed to initiate control measure by assessing the situation. Sufficient number of teams comprising of Medical Personnel, ANM  for conducting door to door thermal screening of each and every person of entire household falling in Containment Zone are deployed by the Health Officer, Primary Health Centre, Chimbel, and will be supervised by any Doctor appointed by the Health Officer, Primary Health Centre, Chimbel.  Health Check-up of sick persons of above area through mobile  check-up vans/fever clinic will be carried out.

All positive cases will be shifted to Covid care Centre or Covid hospital for further management as required.

The entire area of Micro Containment Zone will be fully sanitized by the Panchayat Secretary, Chimbel with assistance of the Fire Station Officer, Old Goa. Gate/Door knobs of each and every household will be properly sanitized.  Movement of public i.e. the inhabitants of Micro Containment Zone is absolutely restricted.

There will be a strict perimeter control to ensure that there is no movement of population in or out of these zones except for medical emergencies and for maintaining supply of essential  goods and services. The guidelines  issued in this regard by MoHFW will be strictly implemented.

Demand of essential goods/commodities such as raw/dry ration/milk/grocery/medicine/vegetables will be worked out and lists will be prepared.  There will be  separate packets of vegetable, ration/grocery items, milk, etc and delivery of  the same would be ensured at the door step.

Intensive surveillance mechanism as outlined in the Standard  Operating Protocol (SOP) issued by MoHFW is established within  the Containment Zone. The Incident Commander-In-Charge of Sub-Divisions will ensure 100% coverage of Aarogya Setu App among the residents of Micro Containment Zones.

Any violation  will invite criminal proceedings under the relevant provisions of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 and the Indian Penal code, 1860.


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