CCP to now reconstitute those ward committees for not having been done in accordance with law


The Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) has now decided to reconstitute those seven ward committees for the City of Panaji which includes Ribandar.

The CCP’s decision comes after Adv. Aires Rodrigues pointed out to Mayor Uday Madkaikar and Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues that Section 41 of the CCP Act mandates that the three non-official members on each ward committee must be from amongst the members of recognized non-Government Organizations and community based Organizations engaged in social welfare activities working within the area of that Ward Committee.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues drew the Mayor’s and the Commissioner’s attention that this mandatory requirement was not complied with while the CCP took political appointees on board in these crucial committees.

Adv. Aires Rodrigues had moved the High Court in February this year for the failure of the CCP over the last 18 years to constitute those Ward Committees as required under Section 41 of the CCP Act.

The CCP on June 16th had assured the Division Bench of the Bombay High Court at Goa comprising of Justice M.S.Sonak and Justice M.S.Jawalkar that the Ward Committees would be constituted within 15 days.

In his petition Adv. Aires Rodrigues had sought High Court directions to immediately constitute Ward committees while pointing out that every provision of any law had to be enforced in toto as otherwise the authorities would be acting in rank breach of law.

Adv. Rodrigues in his petition stated that in rank violation of law this very vital provision of Section 41 of the CCP Act had not been implemented to the detriment of Panaji and its residents.

Stating that Public participation is a vital part of democracy and it allows Citizens to get involved in how their communities are governed, Adv Rodrigues further stated that the Ward Committees envisaged by law would act as a crucial link between Ward Corporators, the community and the CCP while allowing members of the public to rightly influence the city’s much needed planning in a manner which best addresses their needs.

Adv. Rodrigues also stated that the Ward committees would help improve communication between the CCP and the community besides playing an important role in being a link between the public needs and the CCP planning processes and that members who serve on these Ward committees would be well placed to ensure that resources are allocated to the most pressing needs in the Wards.

Adv. Rodrigues stated that the Ward committees would participate in determining core CCP processes such as Integrated Development Planning, CCP budgeting and its performance management besides helping make sure that financial transfers from Central or State government is used for the purposes they are intended for while ensuring that the people of Panaji get the best services on all fronts.


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