Denial by justice Bakre and Navti to accept the posts of Lokpal and SEC exposes brainless BJP government- Girish Chodankar



Panaji – The denial by former Joint Electoral Officer Narayan Navti to accept the post of State Election Commissioner and Justice Utkarsh Bakre refusing to accept the post of Lokayukta of Goa has once again exposed the Brainless BJP Government in Goa. It is now evident that the Super Chief Minister in BJP Government has reduced the role of Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant to that of a Clerk charged GPCC President Girish Chodankar.

It is shocking to understand that the Brainless BJP Government headed by Dr. Pramod Sawant did not even bother to check the eligibility criteria of the State Election Commissioners post before sending the name of Narayan Navti to the Governor of Goa. It was the Candidate himself who had to give a dose to the Government saying that he did not fit in the eligibility criteria stated Girish Chodankar.

A few days earlier Justice Utkarsh Bakre’s name was proposed by the Government for the post of Lokayukta of Goa. The Brainless Government without taking written consent from Justice Bakre submitted before the High Court that the Government had sent his name to seek consent from the Leader of Opposition. Surprisingly, Justice Utkarsh himself denied accepting the post revealing that his written consent was never taken by the Government.

Congress Party has openly stated that there is a Super Chief Minister in the BJP Government in Goa who is all out to demolish every Constitutional Institutions by pushing forward the RSS Agenda. This Super Chief Minister has reduced the role of the CM to that of a clerk which has resulted in repeated embarrassments to the Government.

It is now clear that no self-respecting person will accept the ceremonial post of Goa Lokayukta whose powers are completely diluted by the BJP Government by passing the Goa Lokayukta Amendment Bill in the last session of Assembly. Any biased Officer will not dare to come as SEC after reading the strictures put on by the Supreme Court on the State Election Commission in the Municipal Elections matter Girish Chodankar said.

Congress Party demands that the Government must empower Lokayukta and ensure that SEC remains free from Political influence so that upright officers will find it comfortable and dignified to work with uprightness.


  1. Strictures are conviction to the govt. Unless they apeal and strictures are removed within time frame by higher court, govt can not move on. A convicted govt can not continue in office.


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