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Friday, January 21, 2022

Current lockdown will affect harvesting of paddy: Babu Kavlekar

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Panaji: Agriculture Minister Chandrakant Kavlekar on Friday said that the current lockdown due to COVID-19 will severely affect the harvesting of paddy in the state.

“Paddy in some places of the state is ready for harvesting. But, we cannot deploy the combined harvesters as per requirement. The reason being that the operators trained to operate these machines are all from neighbouring states and due to lockdown getting them back to Goa is an issue,” he said.

He was speaking at a meeting of all the agriculture ministers via video conference chaired by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.

This urgent meeting was convened by the central government’s Agriculture Ministry to discuss the effect of lockdown on the agriculture business and farmers in the country.

Speaking further Kavlekar said, Farmers may get heavily affected and considering the gravity of Coronavirus Pandemic asking for relaxation cannot be an option,” he said.

“So, central Government must be ready to compensate farmers on case to case basis,” he added.

Kavlekar said that the other business that has been affected by this lockdown is of floriculture in the state.

“The Flowers like Gerbera which locals used to grow in their polyhouses was mostly sent to other states and exported. Which is not possible now,” he added.

“I have issued necessary directions to State Agriculture Department to conduct a preliminary assessment of their loss,” he said.


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