Covid Kits, Schools & Spike


Everyday ends with escalating figures of Covid deaths and infections. The Pandemic is spreading like wildfire all around us as we failed to maintain the Green zone advantage achieved by Goa. I do not want to harp again on the failures & mismanagement as the present priority is to save each and every Goan from the pandemic. The most important thing is to ensure that no more of our beloved fellow citizens succumb to Covid because of our carelessness. It’s time for self-discipline, wearing masks, sanitisation and above all, Social Distancing.

I appreciate the Government initiative to provide free Covid kits to those who opt for Home Quarantine. With the rising number of Covid cases, it’s the only viable alternative left since the CMOs did not heed to the warnings of the spike and suggestions for preparedness.
I am also a tad apprehensive about the way in which the free Covid kit distribution will progress. Past examples of these corrupt masterminds finding opportunities even in adversity prompts me to request the CMOs to ensure that at least this single good initiative is implemented without mismanagement, political favouritism and Corruption. It would be a shame if this good effort ends up like the food packets scam, Labour Scam etc since scams have become a trademark of this Government.
I do hope there will be a uniformity of distribution with transparency of facts & figures regarding recipients and funds. Accountability and Transparency should be the trademark of a Democratic Government.

I also have serious concerns as a parent myself, regarding the Government decision to open up schools especially for 9th to 12th students. While fully agreeing that regular classes by teachers are the most beneficial for students in these classes that will be critical in shaping their futures, yet the spike in Covid doesn’t project a safe picture for regular classes. It will be extremely difficult to ensure Covid protocols or negate a rapid transmission possibility amongst the students because the virus is all around us now. With Home Quarantine becoming a reality and increase in asymptotic cases, there’s no sure method for clear detection to keep these students from harm’s way.
I fervently urge the CM who also holds the Education portfolio, not to rush into a decision. There’s an emergent need to mull over the pros & cons with the Teaching Community & Parents to formulate a safe conduct of the regular classes, if the same are absolutely unavoidable.

Once again, I appeal to my fellow Goenkars to help each other in this fight against Corona. Let’s remember that when we take the precautions we are actually not just protecting ourselves but our fellow Goans. Observing Social Distancing is not just for our personal safety but it’s rather a Social Responsibility and when we maintain it strictly in our everyday lives, we’re actually being Responsible Citizens!
And while we citizens do our part, let’s hope that the Government will do it’s part Responsibly!


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