Coordination of rescue at sea beyond ocean boundaries by Indian coast guard -six srilankan fishermen rescued 170 miles east of Chennai


Chennai: In execution of its role as Central Co-ordinating Agency for the Maritime Search & Rescue, Indian Coast Guard on 05 Jul 2020 coordinated the rescue of six stranded fishermen from a capsized boat about 170 NM east of Chennai, by a Merchant Vessel, MV YM Summit operated by M/s Yamamaru Kissen Co. Ltd.  The vessel undertook the daunting rescue of six Sri Lankan fishermen in the morning of 05 Jul 20 amidst rough seas, in close coordination with the Indian Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC), Mumbai and Chennai.

The merchant vessel was on her way to Visakhapatnam when she sighted a capsized fishing boat with six survivors. The master transmitted the information to MRCC, Mumbai which was timely shared with MRCC, Chennai for further coordination.MRCC Chennai coordinated with the vessel for safe rescue of the survivors.

The six survivors are identified as natives of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. They were reportedly stranded and adrift at sea, braving the vagaries of rough weather for four days. MRCC, Chennai further, coordinated with MRCC Colombo to verify the credentials and arranging for their safe return home.

The incident emphasises the necessity of greater cooperation amongst Regional Maritime neighbours towards strengthening  the colloborative framework for ensuring safety of mariners and fishermen at sea.  India and Srilanka have a robust cooperative framework in place in the form of a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Coast Guards and the MRCCs of both the countries.

The successful rescue operation also reiterates the Indian Coast Guard’s resolve towards providing Search and Rescue cover in the vast indomitable sea areas and also highlights the synergy and coordination between the Merchant Marine and the Indian Coast Guard, towards safety of lives at sea.

The Indian Coast Guard remains committed to ensure ‘Safe, Secure and Clean seas’ in the Indian sub continent.


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