Congress holds rally in Panjim against price rise


Panaji – As a part of ongoing Nation wide agitation launched by congress Party Goa Pradesh Congress Committee along with Mahila Congress and Youth Congress had a rally today 8th July 2021 from Congress House to Collector Office in Panaji to register a strong opposition against the spiralling rise in price of petrol and diesel and also increase in the prices of essential commodities including edible oil and cooking Gas.

The rally was attended by GPCC President Girish Chodankar, Vice President & Incharge of agitaional program Altinho Gomes, General Secretary Amarnath Panjikar and Beena Naik, Mahila Congress Chief along with Youth Congress President Adv. Varad Mardolkar and South Goa District President Joe Dias.

Addressing the large number of Congress functionaries who participated in the rally, GPCC president Girish Chodankar said that union Government has accepted of collecting Rs. 2 Lakh Crores in financial year 2022 as incremental income from petrol & Diesel, Excise duties and Cess. As of 2nd of June there were 43 hikes over the year in fuel prices and there are 16 hikes in the month of May. The Governments tax collection on just petrol and Diesel alone has increased 300% in last six years. The impact of the fuel price hike and cooking gas has hit the common man. He demanded that petrol price should cut down to rupees 35.63 per liter and Diesel at rupees 38.16 per liter.

Others who spoke were Altinho Gomes, Vice President and incharge of agitaional program, Mahila Congress president Beena Naik, Adv. Varad Mardolkar, Youth Congress President and Adv. Archit Naik State General Secretary Youth Congress.

Congress Party with continue with their agitations all across the country and expose the BJP Government.


  1. So what if Congress & BJP fights with each other! Which husband & wife don’t fight with each other? This does not mean that they don’t love each other. Fighting with each other has nothing to do when it comes to support each other. Example has already been set by Congress & BJP to the people of Goa. Today there are only 3 Congress MLAs left with the Congress out of 17. Congress helped BJP to form its Government. Congress don’t see the sufferings of Goans because Love is Blind. But Congress sees the sufferings of BJP and help BJP to form the Government.


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