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Friday, February 3, 2023

Congress fears that Parrikar might dissolve assembly through concocted Cabinet resolution

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Panaji: Fearing that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar might dissolve the Assembly through concocted cabinet resolution, the Congress party has  petitioned State Governor Mridula Sinha cautioning her in advance.

 Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar in a letter to the Governor has feared that Parrikar  may opt for dissolution of Assembly on the basis of a concocted Cabinet decision, without even holding a Cabinet meeting or falsely interpolating a recommendation for dissolution.

He has also demanded that Congress being single largest party should be invited to form the government.

Chodankar has claimed that the State government led by Parrikar is in minority and is struggling with its allies and intra party politics and as such he is loosing his grip over allies and his party MLAs and leaders.

“Further the administration is on its knees. in short the State of Goa is in a state of emergency on account of the lacuna created by the lack of administration and lack of political head,” he said.

The Congress leader has pointed out that the Chief Minister of Goa who is struggling with health issues has not resumed his office since his return from America.

Chodankar has told the Governor he has petitioned her to enlighten and caution the  Excellency of a possible attempt that may be made to dissolve assembly on basis of concocted cabinet decision which was successfully done by Parrikar in the year 2002 when there was political uncertainty.

 “Knowing Parrikar very well and his selfish manipulative techniques a similar modus operandi may be adopted in the present political scenario by him so that he can cling on to the Chair as caretaker Chief Minister without any accountability for a period of six months before going for Assembly Elections along with Parliamentary Elections,” the Congress has expressed fear through the petitition.

He said that Congress being still single largest party vehemently opposes any move to dissolve the Assembly before completion of the term.

“You have done injustice after Assembly Elections by not inviting us to form the Government despite being Single largest party by disrespecting the public mandate. If Parrikar is unable to run the Government, we being Single largest party and only opposition party should get the opportunity to form the Government,” he said.

“It is not that we are afraid to face the public. We are confident that if Elections are held anytime, people of Goa will give us required strength to form Government on our own,” he said.

“But people have elected Assembly just 18 months back. We cannot impose another election on people of Goa and waste taxpayers money just to please Parrikar and his party,” he added.

Chodankar has urged that Governor “may do well to verify from each of the Cabinet members the veracity of such a decision/ resolution if placed before her in order to cross check  whether the same is genuine or fabricated.”

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