Congress cautions Bahujan Samaj over BJP’s diplomacy


PANAJI: The general secretary of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee Janardhan Bhandari has urged the people and leaders of the Bahujan Samaj to beware of BJP’s diplomacy and to speak up against the injustice they meet by the saffron party.

“We never, in the past, spoke about the internal quarrels and affairs of other parties, because we did not possess that right. But BJP’s MP Vinay Tendulkar and Urfan Mulla have given us this right by making statements against our leaders Digambar Kamat and Pratima Cutinho.” Janardhan Bhandari stated.

Elaborating on the issue, Janardhan Bhandari said that the removal of BJP leader Dattaprasad Naik from the post of spokesperson was a good example of how the Bharatiya Janata Party used the Bahujans to gain power and sideline them once it came into power.

“Dattaprasad Naik has set an example that we have to learn to stand up against those who try to suppress our voices.” He further said.

“Even though Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is the leader of the Bahujans, his ‘working style’ shows how much respect he has in his own party. Even though he is the Chief Minister of Goa, the people of Goa are aware that the government is being run by BJP’s super chief minister, who only executes political tactics and diplomacy. This super chief minister is known for his acts of pulling down leaders of Bahujan Samaj, when they grow. Everyone in Goa is aware of this ‘Super Chief Minister’. He said.

Bhandari said that there are many examples how this saffron party, finished the political careers of their own Bahujan leaders by defeating them in elections, including former Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar, former Minister Dayanand Mandrekar, former Minister Mahadev Naik, former Minister Rajendra Arlekar, former Speaker Vishwas Satarkar, former MLA of Sanvordem Ganesh Gaonkar and Kiran Kandolkar.

“These defeated leaders know the politics of the BJP and are also aware of how expulsion takes place when the leaders speak out against injustice they meet. Then investigation agencies are used to pressurize them. That is why some leaders remain silent, whilst leaders like Dattaprasad Naik become a good example of combating acts of injustice and suppressing voice.’’ he pointed out.

The BJP, which only loves and has lust of power, has so far used the Bahujan Samaj for votes. However, the Bahujan Samaj is now realizing this and the leaders have also started to talk against it.” He said.

“The saffron party can’t even see the good picture of Bahujan Samaj leaders coming together, and hence the BJP is constantly trying to divide the society for this. They even got success to put a rift within Bahujan Samaj and today we see two committees of Bahujans working at state level.”Bhandari said.

“History has witnessed how the BJP used the same Dattaprasad Naik against our party leaders. The present politics of BJP suggests that the situation of Pramod Sawant will be similar to that of Laxmikant Parsekar.” Bhandari said.

Janardhan Bhandari said that BJP should stop using Bahujans for political gain.


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