Congress accuses Goa government of violating SC directives in online employment exchange 

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Panaji: Congress party in Goa has accused the state government of violating Supreme Court directives in its process of online registration in Employment exchange by insisting for Aadhaar Card.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Girish Chodankar told reporters in Panaji on Sunday that State Labour department has violated the SC directives by making aadhaar card compulsory for online registration in the employment exchange.

 “Labour Minister of Goa should answer as how Aadhaar Card was made mandatory for online registering in Employment Exchange, when Supreme court says that you cannot enforce Aadhaar where there are no direct Monetarily benefits,” he said.

Chodankar also questioned whether approval was taken from Law department before Implementing mandatory aadhaar card rule.

The congress leader said that if any candidate files a case in the court saying he was deprived of job by the Government decision by implementing Aadhaar Card as mandatory then the entire Job advertised and those posts which are already filled after the notification in February will have to be scrapped.

The opposition party has also taken strong objection to permanent registration of the cards, by doing away the mandatory renewal after every three years.

“ Under Registration of Employment Seekers Rule no 7.32 Renewal of Registration. Employment cards are valid for three years and had to be renewed as such, now the department says that the online employment card is valid for life and does not need renewal,” Chodankar said.

He said that the disadvantages of having life time cards are if a person dies / or if a person acquire other nationality/or if a person becomes self employed by starting his own business/or if a girl is married and gone out of state then the data of that person will remain in live register giving wrong information.

He also said that Non Goan who is having 15 years residence will register in Employment Exchange in Goa and even if they go to their native states for good after  their registration will still be in Goa as no renewal is required.

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